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Matt Chase is a designer living and working in Washington, DC.

Though he welcomes projects of many stripes, he focuses primarily on images, which he creates for books, magazines, and institutions. Favoring a diverse, style-agnostic approach rather than maintaining loyalty to any single medium, he brings ideas to life through photography, drawing, assemblages, and other means.

If by tragic mistake you are considering him to design your app or develop your website, please click here. A fully archived version of his old site can be found here.

Clients Include
The New York Times, Wired, ESPN, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, GQ, Bloomberg, Esquire, The Atlantic, My Parents

2024    American Illustration 43

2023    American Illustration 42

2022    American Illustration 41

2021    American Illustration 40

2020    American Illustration 39

2019    American Illustration 38

2018    American Illustration 37
        Commarts Illustration Annual 59

2017    American Illustration 36

2016    American Illustration 35
        Commarts Illustration Annual 57
        Print Regional Design Annual

2015    3x3 Illustration Show 12
        American Illustration 34
        Commarts Illustration Annual 56
        SPD 50

2014    Commarts Design Annual 55

2013    3x3 Illustration Show 10

1998    1st Place, McCollom Elementary Spelling Bee

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